Professionalism.  Dedication.  Passion.  Hard work.

About The Band

Since January 2009, Black Cadillac has been a project of pursuit.  The pursuit of something different.  Every band wants to rise above the noise… move to the next level.  But few are willing to put forth the time and commitment it takes to get there.  For 6 years now, they have striven to be that band.

What does it take?  It starts with the players… which they’ve got.  A rock-solid rhythm section fronted with face-melting guitars and hard hitting vocals.  With many years of experience under their belts, the 4 of them work effortlessly together delivering hours of non-stop entertainment night after night without the use of backing tracks, computers, sequencing or any of that mess.  This show is 100% live. And it comes from a place of passion.  These musicians understand that it’s all about the music.  So they pour their hearts and souls out on that stage.  Every show.  Every time.

Experience… This band has 500+ shows under its belt.  Bars, Venues, Festivals, County Fair’s, Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Events… They’ve done it all. No job too big and no job too small. These guys can engage a packed festival crowd for a big sing-a-long, hoist a shot with a beer soaked bar crowd, or bring a soft dulcet tone to a Wedding for a slow dance. They’ve got you covered.

A setlist.  Black Cadillac is eager to please even the stingiest of crowds.  They are always adding and taking away songs… rotating new ones in and putting the old ones to bed.  It’s an ever-changing topography and you’ve got to be ready for anything.  This band has a very expansive catalog to choose from. Oldies.  Classic Rock.  80s. 90s. 2000s. Hip-hop. Classic Country.  New Country. Guilty Pleasures. Heavy Metal. Even a few Prog Rock songs just in case.  Whatever the need… Black Cadillac has it.

Professionalism.  Dedication.  Passion.  Hard work.  This band really is all about the basics.  They give people their best every time. So stop in at one of their shows and see for yourself why so many people come out and party with Black Cadillac. You will not regret it.

2011 Promo Video

Watch the video and catch a small glimpse of a night with Black Cadillac!

Oktoberfest 2011 – Grant Park, IL

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